On site

Activities provided on site are under review as part of the major renovation.  Ask about what is available when you know when you are camping.


We do allow campfires on all the sites although only in altar fires which must be raised a minimum of 12 inches off the ground as Barnswood is set on peat therefore at high risk of catching fire. There are stands and altar fires available for groups to borrow.  Please ask the warden on duty if you require one, and ensure that it is returned at the end of your camp in the same condition.


There are an indoor (open sided dome) and an outdoor site suitable for large traditional campfires. You will need to book it to ensure its availability.

MUSEUM (now reopened after a major refurbishment)

Our Museum has a large selection of memorabilia related to the scouting movement as a whole and also within our district of Macclesfield and Congleton. It is curated by our very own Trevor MacKay and Tracy Parry, who also open the museum to groups and are happy to give a tour and talk to your group about the range of interesting items it holds and the stories behind them.

(To contact them about seeing the museum speak to the booking warden when organising your visit – or use the camp booking form.)


Barnswood has the ideal terrain on site due to the types of trees and undergrowth and therefore lends itself to shelter building so there are numerous places on site that this can be done, if you want to include shelter building in your camp programme speak to the booking warden to find out where the best location is for your activity.


Barnswood provides various length poles, but no ropes, pulleys or other fixings.  The number of available spas and their lengths are; 1 @ 16’ , 5 @ 14’, 7 @ 12’, 3 @ 11’, 7 @ 8’, 9 @ 6’. There are also 2 windsurf masts ready for skylon flagpoles